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Nipple Clamps

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Intense Nip Action with High Quality Nipple Clamps

If you don’t own nipple clamps, you’re missing on an amazing opportunity to stimulate one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

While they have been traditionally considered a part of BDSM gear, nipple clamps are making their way to more and more bedrooms across the globe. The premise is very simple. When the clamps are put on, the flow of blood to the nipples is restricted. Upon their removal, sensations return with a lot more intensity than ever before.

Nipple clamps are so basic and easy to use that they’re ideal for people of all experience levels. Modern designs feature protective coating and the amount of pressure being applied can be adjusted. Two consenting partners can easily experiment with such sensations to discover what feels good.

There are various kinds of nipple clamps, each one working in a slightly different way from the other models.

Tweezer nipple clamps are great for beginners because they produce a soft pinch. There’s a lot of protective coating for added comfort. Clover or butterfly clamps intensify pressure when they’re being pulled on. The sensation is a bit more painful, which is why clover clamps should be reserved to those who have some experience. You’ll also find alligator nipple clamps, hefty weighted clamps and even vibrating nipple clamps on the market.

Some products offer more complex feature for an all-encompassing experience. Ball gag and nipple clamp combos are available. The same applies to collar and chained nipple clamp combos – a beautiful kind of accessory that can get easily incorporated in power play scenarios.

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