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Prostate Massagers

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Unlock Your Full Orgasm Potential with a Prostate Massager

Good sex is about pleasure exploration and a high quality prostate massager provides the perfect opportunity for a brand new experience.

Prostate massagers can be internal, external or combined. Internal ones have a narrow probe that’s inserted anally to stimulate the prostate directly. Externally, you can achieve some stimulation through a perineal massage. Obviously, the most intensity is enjoyed whenever internal and external stimulation work together.

High quality prostate massagers are different from anal toys like butt plugs and dildos in their shape and size. Usually, a prostate massager is slightly curved to target the gland consistently and make the massage orgasm-inducing. It’s also narrower than other anal toys because stretching isn’t the intended purpose here.

You need to explore a few features before deciding which prostate massager will be best for you.

Start with the material. Medical-grade silicone is a premium choice that will give you safety, ease of penetration, waterproof features and ease of cleaning.

Also, remember that bigger isn’t necessarily better in the world of prostate massagers. In fact, many guys find the narrower probes much more enjoyable and capable of concentrating the stimulation to deliver that super P-spot orgasm.

If you want to experience some added intensity, choose a prostate massager that can vibrate and thrust. We promise you the kind of pleasure that you wouldn’t have considered possible before. Additional features like a wireless remote control, a dedicated mobile app and a rechargeable li-ion battery will also come in handy.