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Double Ended Dildos

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Twice the Fun with a Double Ended Dildo

A double-ended dildo is a beautiful thing you can use in so many ways. It’s an exceptional sex toy to share with a partner of any gender. It’s also the most perfectly versatile kind of dildo to explore during solo sessions and discover new facets of pleasure.

There is just so much you can do with a double ended dildo. Try it for some hot girl-on-girl action. Immerse yourself in a double penetration fantasy by yourself or with a partner. And when you’re on your own, enjoy the effortless grip that the extra length delivers.

Double-ended dildo designs vary to produce specific experiences. Some double ended dildos come with different shapes of the two ends. The girth could also vary, making such probes ideal for people who want to progressively intensify their sexual experience.

These dildos can be crafted from flexible materials like medical-grade silicone and flesh-like thermoplastics. Interestingly enough, double-ended dildos can also be made from materials like glass. While such probes can’t be bent (in order to use the two ends simultaneously) they are hefty and rigid for a very specific penetrative experience. Glass dildos are also the perfect ones to try if you’d like to experience the thrills of temperature play.

Good double dildos can be smooth and sleek or textured and stimulating. Some even have a dual density construction that’s hyper-realistic. Vibrating double dildos or double dildos that can be separated in two individual probes also exist. If you don’t know your options, take a look at our catalog and you’ll be surprised by all of the possibilities.

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