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Sex Swings

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Fluid Movement, Effortless Fun with a Sex Swing

A sex swing allows you to be bold and imaginative in your sex life. If you’ve never managed to explore certain positions and types of sex play before, you’ll enjoy the swing a lot. in fact, people who have given it a try report an overwhelmingly positive change in their sex lives.

Swings are meant to be suspended from a door, a wall or the ceiling. Getting into one frees you from the restraints of gravity. It offers support, making your movements smoother and reducing discomfort that may be experienced in certain positions.

With a sex swing, you can be bold and daring, regardless of your fitness level or physique. It’s a great choice for people experiencing mobility issues or elderly couples. Even if you don’t face limitations, you’ll reduce the challenge that’s posed during certain types of sex.

If you’re imaginative enough, you can incorporate sex swing play in vaginal, anal and oral sex. You can even add a bit of novelty to foreplay through the suspension of a simple swing in your bedroom (or anywhere else in your home).

The benefits of sex swing enjoy beyond comfort and supportiveness. Deeper penetration and more consistent G-spot stimulation are both guaranteed.

There’s also something quite kinky about getting into a swing and having your partner being in charge of the experience. A sex swing can be your entry into the world of power play scenarios – a world that you may end up enjoying immensely.

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