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Realistic Dildos

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Perfectly Accurate Anatomy with a Realistic Dildo

Does the perfectly sculpted erect penis get you immensely turned on? A realistic dildo will be the perfect sex toy for you.

Realistic dildos are probably the most popular class of penetrative toys. The aim here is to give you enhanced realism through texture, overall appearance and fine details.

Realistic dildos are usually made of materials like medical-grade silicone and bodysafe thermoplastics. Those seeking the most intricate resemblance to human flesh should opt for dual density and even triple density constructions. With a firm inner core and a soft exterior, these dildos come as texturally close to an erect penis as possible.

Be mindful of dimensions when shopping for a realistic dildo. The most versatile length is five to six inches. A seven-inch dildo will be both lengthier and girthier but still manageable. Realistic dildos will also be provided in larger sizes but massive dimensions are best suited to the needs of experienced users.

Good realistic dildos often come with hand-finished details, a hefty pair of balls at the base of the toy (can also double as a safety feature during anal sex) and a number of realistic color options. For added convenience, seek realistic dildos that also have a suction cup base for hands-free fun and compatibility with standard O-ring harnesses. Do check out the care and cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to make sure you’ll be capable of managing your toy in the safest way that’s bound to prolong its lifespan.

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