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Rabbit Vibrators

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Power You Can Always Count on with a Rabbit Vibrator

Popularized in Sex and the City, the rabbit vibrator is the ultimate sex toy you need to add to your collection. It gives you the kind of stimulation few other adult products are capable of delivering (with the potential exception of a massage wand). If you need something extra to come or you’d like to up the intensity of your orgasms, the rabbit vibe is your best new pal.

Simple and intuitive, the rabbit vibrator gives you simultaneous internal and external stimulation. You can also use the two bits separately, depending on what you feel like at that very moment.

High quality rabbit vibes are powered by two separate motors – one for the rabbit portion that stimulates the clit and one for the shaft that’s used for G-spot stimulation. The toy will be provided with a remote or a dedicated app, allowing you to fully customize the experience and choose the settings that will get you feeling something special.

While the fluttering rabbit ears tease your clit, the G-spot shaft will be capable of achieving a few other things. Usually, the shaft will vibrate to pair the internal stimulation with the clit action. Some rabbit vibes can also thrust and rotate (or move in a come hither motion). If you’ve never gotten your G-spot properly stimulated and massaged before, the consistency and the intensity of the rabbit vibe will show you exactly what you’ve been missing before.

This is the perfect option for people who need combined stimulation for a powerful blended orgasm. You’ll no longer need to use a separate G-spot massager and a clitoral vibe. The rabbit vibe gives you two items in one. Since you get to operate both with one hand, you’ll enjoy a lot more simplicity, intuitiveness and convenience.

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