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Anal Vibrators

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An Anal Vibrator Has a New Kind of Orgasm in Store for You

Anal orgasms are a thing and they can be easy to achieve with a pleasure powerhouse like an anal vibrator.

This sex toy has a self-explanatory name. The vibrator is shaped and sized for effortless anal penetration. It also has a flared base meant to keep it in place.

When it comes to the vibration settings, each manufacturer has a certain range of options (do check them out before buying!). Usually, there will be several vibration intensities and different patterns to match your mood and give you variety.

Anal vibrators are a good choice for anal beginners. Don’t be fooled by the user-friendliness and the typical compact dimensions. Depending on the motor’s intensity, an anal vibrator will be capable of delivering a powerful anal or blended orgasm in no time.

While some vibrators are designed for vaginal or anal use, the anal vibrator has a special shape and a size that make it perfect for backdoor stuff. You can easily use one and the same vibrator in different sexual scenarios. If you choose such an approach, however, you’ll need to be very thorough with sanitization and making sure the vibe isn’t getting used in different ways during the same session.

Anal vibes can have many cool features that make them worth trying. Some are meant for intense prostate massages. Some can stimulate the G-spot when they’re inserted anally. You’ll find some vibes that can also pulsate and thrust. A number could be controlled remotely through a mobile app. If you’re in a long-distance relationship or enjoy naughty stuff while you’re away from your lover, such a vibe would be the perfect choice to spice things up.

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