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Automatic Masturbators

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Relax and Rock Your World with an Automatic Masturbator

The ultimate chill orgasmic experience is possible with an automatic masturbator. You get the cool sensation that a stroker delivers but there’s no manual operation involved. An automatic masturbator does everything on your behalf so that you’re just left with enjoying that big climax.

Automation is possible in a couple of ways. Some masturbators could simulate thrusting; some give you sucking action. In fact, some are so good at it that they’ been labeled realistic BJ machines.

And this is the other cool thing about those masturbators. Not only are they automated, you’ll also get to enjoy a good range of sensual and pleasurable things. There are masturbators that give you the feeling of vaginal sex. Some replicate anal or oral sex. Most have added internal texture that’s a lot more intense than actually being inside a partner (or using your hand).

The effectiveness of an automatic masturbator depends on a few things. If the item is powered by a motor, make sure that it’s strong enough (and also silent to keep you in the right mood). The range of settings will also need to be explored, especially if you like having a bit of variety. 

Do consider the battery (lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are always the best choice) and the operation specifics. Automatic masturbators that can be mounted on a surface via a suction cup enable hands-free operation. You may want to explore such an option for the most leisurely type of solo fun there is (not to mention the fact that you can use your hands to stimulate yourself while the masturbator is doing its thing).

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