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PVC Dildos

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Excellent Longevity with a PVC Dildo

A PVC dildo is an excellent choice if you’re looking for budget-friendliness and a great experience. Reasonably priced, the material is also likely to last you a very long time. PVC is an excellent choice for newcomers to the sex toy world, it’s ideal for those who enjoy intense sessions and for people who have particular kinky or fetish preferences.

Super versatile, PVC can be used to craft all kinds of sex toys. It’s perfect for both smaller and larger dildos. Variations in firmness are also possible. Some PVC dildos give you a bit of stiffness you wouldn’t find in silicone or thermoplastic toys. Other varieties of the material, are a lot softer and much more malleable.

PVC is completely safe, regardless of the fact it’s much less expensive than other prominent dildo materials. The material is a kind of plastic that’s non-porous, waterproof and non-irritating. If you’re looking for an item that costs a lot less than premium kinds of dildos while still giving you safety and quality, PVC would be it.

Stretchy, shiny and sleek, PVC looks super good. Many BDSM items and anal toys are crafted from it because of these properties. When it comes to dildos, PVC offers effortless and super enjoyable penetration. As an added bonus, PVC is compatible with all kinds of lube. Whether you prefer water-based, silicone, oil-based or hybrid formulas, you’ll get to pair your favorite lube with your favorite PVC dildo for the ultimate experience.