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Uncircumcised Dildos

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Get More with a Realistic, Uncircumcised Dildo

Uncut is beautiful and sexy and that’s exactly what you’ll get with uncircumcised dildos.

While many dildo designs replicate the appearance of a circumcised penis, alternatives do exist for those who prefer all natural phalluses.

High quality uncircumcised dildos give you absolute realism. They are meticulously constructed to feature all of the fine details that make the erect penis so irresistible.

Our collection includes small uncircumcised dildos, large ones, dildos with balls, uncircumcised dildos of various colors. Most come with a hefty pair of balls at the base, as well as a suction cup for added convenience.

When looking for the perfect uncircumcised dildo, you may want to make sure that it can function. The best ones give you retractable foreskin to reveal the glans. Yes, the appearance of a sex toy is important but having anatomically correct function is even cooler.

All typical considerations that apply to dildo shopping apply to buying the right uncircumcised probe. First and foremost, check out the material that a dildo is made of. TPE and TPR are two of the most realistic bodysafe materials. Some uncircumcised dildos can also be constructed from silicone but they’re less common.

As far as size goes, smaller is better if you’re unsure. While thermoplastics are flexible, they’re not the same as being penetrated by a partner. If you don’t have a lot of experience with sex toys, start with a shorter (and less girthier) one. When you get comfortable with such a dildo, you can move on to a bigger probe.

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