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Remote Control Vibrators

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Pleasure Anywhere, Any Time with a Remote Control Vibrator

Remote control vibrators have become the golden standard in the world of motor-powered sex toys. With a remote control, you get to enjoy simplicity, convenience and lots of customization options.

There are two main varieties of remote control vibrators – wireless and wired ones. Wired remotes are becoming less common but you can still find such toys. While you never run the risk of losing the remote, it can be a bit limiting in terms of usage.

Wireless remotes are sleek, minimalist and discrete. They fit in the palm of your hand and can be employed from a distance. These features make remote control vibrators with a wireless controller perfect for public use. Just hand over the remote to your sex partner and get ready for steamy fun that you will be free to enjoy without needing to do anything else.

Most vibrator models have a remote controlled variety. You’ll find classic vibes, rabbit vibrators, clit vibes, finger vibes, vibrating panties, G-spot stimulators and anal vibes equipped with a remote control. 

Usually, these vibrators are powered by a li-ion battery (remotes typically need standard batteries but they are exceptionally long-lived). Check out the kind of power source, the continuous running time and the charging time before buying. The best remote control vibe gives you both power and sufficiently long continuous use (at least 60 minutes).

A few additional features worth checking out include a low power indicator, travel lock, waterproof features and vibration setting range. Some remote control vibes can also have push button controls at the base of the toy. If you’d like to enjoy more than one option, this kind of vibrator will definitely make you happy.