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Sex Slings

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Get Off the Ground and Get Your Rocks Off with a Sex Sling

Comfortable and a bit more supportive that sex swings, slings let you get off the ground and experience the pleasures of gravity-defying sex.

There are a few technical differences between a sling and a swing, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. A sling usually has a hammock-like design and a free-standing base. Design variations are possible but the sling offers more support and stability than other sex contraptions.

There’s a lot you can achieve with a sling.

Anyone who has mobility issues and finds it difficult to get into certain positions will have a great time with a sex sling. The additional support that it delivers minimizes pressure and tension in certain sensitive areas. When this happens, you’ll be free to enjoy yourself without feeling conscious or experiencing discomfort.

A sling also puts you in a slightly submissive position. If you’re curious about power play scenarios and you’re looking for an entry-level contraption to let you test out such erotic play, a sling will be a great choice.

Good slings are supportive, made of durable materials and easy to install. Freestanding models are one choice. There are also slings you can attach to the doorframe and models that are meant to be used in the bed. They get the body in a certain position, allowing a partner hindrance-free penetration opportunities.

When shopping for a sling, check its safety features, the way in which it offers support and the materials used in the construction. Enough padding will be needed, especially in the spots that are meant to support your body weight.

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