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Weighted Nipple Clamps

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Arouse Your Senses with Weighted Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps may look a bit scary but they’re actually one of the introductory BDSM items you can try if you’re curious. For more intensity and profoundness of the experience, try weighted nipple clamps.

The aim of a nipple clamp isn’t to cause pain. The pinching of the nipples restricts the flow of blood. As a result, everything becomes a lot more intense after the clamps come off. To make things a bit spicier and to add an element of control, a dominant partner can tug on the clamps while they’re on to stretch and tease the nipples.

With weighted clamps, you don’t need to do any tugging. The hefty item at the end of the chain will gently pull on the nipples while the clamps are being used. This added element allows the wearer to experience a lot more while the item is being used.

It’s also logical to conclude that the weight tightens the grip of the clamps as it pulls down. Hence, weighted clamps have to be used for a shorter period of time in order to deliver the desired rush of blood and maximized sensitivity.

High quality weighted nipple clamps, like the ones available at AdultSexToys, are safe and adjustable to let you pick your experience. The clamps themselves should have some coating to maximize comfort during use. You should also be capable of regulating the pinch, making sure it’s consistent with the desired sensation and experience level.

Apart from regular nipple clamps with weights, you can also opt for weighted clover clamps. Also known as butterfly clamps, these can produce more intensity and are best suited to the needs of somewhat experienced players.

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