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Catwoman Masks

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Purr, Pussy, Purr with a Catwoman Mask

Catwoman is probably one of the most readily recognizable female superheroes. Not only is she powerful and sleek, Catwoman is also incredibly sexual and in charge of her femininity.

Transforming yourself into Catwoman with the right mask will have an immediate effect on your life. Chances are that you’ll instantly feel empowered and ready for some feline action under the sheets.

Our range of Catwoman masks gives you the traditional visual while a few do offer a somewhat modern twist.

You’ll get beautiful masks made from leather and vinyl that deliver delicious bondage excitement. Other masks are intricately crafted from delicate lace, accentuating the beauty of the female face and making your eyes look even bigger.  

Put a Catwoman mask and nothing else on to watch your partner’s excitement skyrocket. If that’s not your thing, you can combine the mask with a beautiful costume and some sexy lingerie. The right pair of stockings will make your legs look extra-long and if you get a bustier to hug your curves, you’ll also enjoy the perfect hourglass silhouette.

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