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Glass Dildos

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Get Those Sweet Spots Pleasured with a Glass Dildo

A regular dildo is a sex toy staple that you need to have in your pleasure chest. A glass dildo gives you something else. The way it feels has nothing to do with materials like cyberskin and silicone. Glass sex toys are in a league of their own, which is why they have so many fans.

A glass dildo can be smooth and sleek for effortless penetration. But don’t be fooled by the lack of texture. The heft of the glass will target those sweet spots and result in incredibly intense sensations. Glass dildos feel even better when they’re paired with another adult item like an anal toy or a clitoral vibe.

Some glass dildos are also textured – they have knobs, protrusion and swirls going down the shaft. The purpose of these decorative elements is easy to understand. Not only do they make the dildo incredibly beautiful, they also contribute to amazing stimulation during penetrative experiences.

Glass dildos are also super awesome due to the fact they can be heated or cooled down. If you’ve never participated in temperature play before, you’ve missed on an amazing chance to awaken your senses and bring a new kind of pleasure to the table.

Everyone who has ever bought a glass dildo has quickly fallen in love with it. These pieces look like works of art. They are hypoallergenic, bodysafe, non-porous and compatible with all kinds of proof. A high quality borosilicate glass dildo is virtually indestructible. Because the material is shatterproof and crack-proof, the dildo will remain in mint conditions for decades, probably even longer.

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