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Kegel Exercisers

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Stronger Pelvic Floor and More Orgasmic Sex with Kegel Exercisers

A kegel exerciser is the ultimate two-in-one adult item. Not only is it pleasurable to use, it will also make your pelvic floor stronger. Consistent use can help you overcome some common issues stemming from a weakened pelvic floor. On top of that, you’ll get to experience more powerful orgasms and a higher level of satisfaction from penetrative sex.

Kegel exercisers usually come in the form of balls that you can place inside the vagina and squeeze with your pelvic floor muscles.

The shape, size and weight of the exerciser will determine the challenge you’ll face keeping it in place.

Lighter options are good for beginners (the same applies to bigger ones). If you’ve already done some kegel exercisers and you’d like to do some next-level workouts, you’ll need to choose heavier options.

Some kegel exercisers can also be shaped like a bullet or you can have two spheres attached to each other. Contemporary designs also incorporate a pull-out handle or a loop that simplify the retrieval of the exerciser.

For added pleasure, some exercisers can vibrate and stimulate you while you’re working on that pelvic floor strength. In such instances, the exerciser will feature a wireless remote or a dedicated mobile app you’ll use to set the right setting and pattern.

Just about anyone can benefit from kegel exercises, which is why such products are always a great pick. Pelvic floor strengthening is especially important for those who have been pregnant recently, for women who have delivered vaginally, those who have undergone some kind of vaginal surgery and the women experiencing unpleasant side effects as a result of aging. Everyone else can try kegel exercisers to make sex better and reduce the risk of experiencing weakened muscles later on in life.

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