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Blue Dildos

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Bright, Colorful Orgasms with a Blue Dildo

A blue dildo offers a refreshing alternative to flesh-colored toys. While natural colors look realistic and stylish, they can feel boring every once in a while. A beautiful blue dildo gives you a wonderful alternative for the times when you need something brighter.

While there aren’t as many blue colored dildos as their flesh-toned counterparts, you’ll still come across a good selection of satisfying possibilities.

First, there will be variations in the color itself. Some blue dildos are dark blue and very sophisticated in appearance. Others are bright and bold, even neon blue. Check out our selection to get a better idea about the available tones.

Next, look at the shape, the design and the intended use.

Most blue dildos are streamlined and minimalist rather than realistic. You can still discover a few veined and detailed varieties but the alternative is far more common. Streamlined blue dildos are usually slightly curved for better and more precise G-spot or prostate targeting. Because of their smoothness and shape, such dildos are ideal for vaginal and anal sex alike.

As always, you’ll need to pay attention to the materials that blue dildos are made of. Medical-grade silicone will be the most common choice and it’s an excellent pick. Non-porous, waterproof and hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone is also durable and long-lived. You can expect an excellent return on investment when you choose a dildo made of the material (especially if you opt for platinum-cured silicone).

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