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Collar with Nipple Clamps

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Get Sensually Dominated with a Collar with Nipple Clamps

It’s time to turn yourself into the perfect obedient puppy your master’s going to enjoy, tease and please. A collar with nipple clamps is a great addition to any power play scenario because it makes the dynamics in the couple crystal clear.

A collar demonstrates possession. It’s a powerful visual that speaks for itself. On top of that, high quality collars are beautiful accessories that look super sexy and can even be worn in public.

The collar and nipple clamp combo, however, isn’t just visual. This set also plays a role in the realm of BDSM. Nipple clamps can be used to inflict a bit of erotic pain while also increasing the sensitivity of this erogenous zone. When they squeeze the nipples, clamps restrict the flow of blood. The restored circulation immediately after their removal will make the nipples a lot more sensitive and receptive of pleasure.

You’ll find a good range of aesthetically pleasing, functional and safe collar and nipple clamp combos. Most have the nipple clamps attached to the collar via thin and elegant chains. The collars themselves are made of leather or vegan leather while a couple of less prominent alternatives (like neoprene or vinyl) could also be available.

A collar and nipple clamp combo gives you two accessories in one and a chance to explore new aspects of erotic play. This perfectly versatile piece can be paired with other kinds of BDSM gear like cuffs and restraining systems, blindfolds, ball gags and all items for impact play.

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