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Tail Butt Plugs

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Foxier Than Ever Before with a Tail Butt Plug

There is something so incredibly fun and flirtatious about tail butt plugs. While they’re focal pieces for pet play, tail butt plugs have a much broader appeal. All couples interested in anal exploration and turned on by enticing visuals will have a great time with these anal toys.

A tail butt plug works like a standard one. As an extension, the plug features a furry tail that swings seductively with each move when the toy is inserted.

Tail plugs can resemble various animals – foxes, cats, dogs, horses and even imaginary creatures like unicorns. High quality ones have thick and soft tails that look amazing and can even be incorporated in some sensory play.

As an added bonus, you get to experience the tugging sensation produced by the weight of the tail attached to the plug. It will be felt whenever you move, getting you hot and bothered throughout the time you have the plug inserted.

Shopping for a tail butt plug is simple – focus on the aesthetics and on the features of the butt plug itself. The best tail plugs are made from bodysafe and non-porous materials. Medical-grade silicone and stainless steel are two prominent choices.

Tail butt plugs work incredibly well on their own or they can be paired with other accessories for an even more pronounced effect. A pair of fluffy ears or an animal mask will give you the best possible illusion. And if you’re into power play, you can pair such a butt plug with a collar and a leash. The range of combinations is limited solely by your imagination.

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