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Erotic Massage Oils

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The Gift of Sensual Touch with Erotic Massage Oils

Sensual touch becomes even more exciting when a high quality erotic massage oil is being used.

The aim of a massage oil is to reduce friction, allowing the hands to glide easily over the body. High quality formulations feature lots of natural oils, essential oils and other ingredients that deliver sensual benefits on top of the practical purpose.

While any kind of massage oil will be a good choice for such experiences, formulations labeled as “erotic” bring something extra.

A few of those may feature ingredients that produce a warming effect. As a result, the massaged part becomes relaxed and much more receptive to pleasurable touch. 

Some erotic massage oils can also be flavored or edible. The purpose here is easy to understand. Giving a lover the most intimate massage and licking the oil off their body will increase the temperature in the room by at least a couple of degrees.

You’ll also find organic and fully vegan erotic massage oils, massage glide products that can also double as lubricants and fragrance-free versions for the most sensitive individuals. For best results, choose massage oils that are natural, free from parabens, silicone and petroleum derivatives. There are so many rich and luxurious plant-based oils out there that you really don’t have to make a compromise with the list of ingredients.

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