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Anal Beads

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Anal Beads Open the Doors to Booty Exploration

Anal beads are a classic toy that’s been around ever since the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Today, their essence has remained unchanged but luckily, we have more innovative materials and streamlined designs bound to maximize pleasure.

The cool thing about anal beads is that they’re great for everyone regardless of experience level.

Seamlessly attached to each other, the beads get progressively bigger. This means you can take as few or as many as you feel comfortable with. Anal beads deliver some delicious stretching when going in and they’re even more impactful whenever they’re pulled out. If you time the pulling correctly, you can experience the most intense orgasm of a lifetime.

Another really cool aspect of anal beads is that they can be used during partnered sex or paired with another sex toy. A combination between anal beads and a clitoral vibe, wand or a G-spot stimulator will fire up your pleasure receptors in a way they have never been targeted before.

You’ll find lots of anal bead options, both when it comes to materials and design.

Medical-grade silicone is a wonderful pick. It’s safe, hypoallergenic, waterproof and flexible. Alternatively, pick a firm material like glass. Anal toys crafted from glass are characterized by their heft and rigidity. These two features will result in a penetrative experience that’s completely different from anything else you’ve experienced before.

When looking for anal beads, make sure that safety is prioritized. A flared base with an easy pull-out loop is a must-have. A seamless construction is also a must-have. It guarantees the integrity of the toy, helping you rest assured that no bead will be left behind when you pull the toy out.

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