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8 Inch Dildos

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It’s Time to Go to the Next Level with an Eight-Inch Dildo

An eight-inch dildo is something else. If you want to add an item that’s big, beautiful and satisfying to your sex toy collection, this is the one to pursue.

Eight inches look good and feel even better. This is a proud, big cock that will turn you on as soon as you see it. At the same time, the size is still manageable (especially for those who already have some experience with smaller probes). Getting a heftier dildo will provide opportunities to explore new sexual sensations and experiences that may eventually become an important part of your erotic repertoire. 

Use your eight-inch dildo for all kinds of penetration, incorporate it in foreplay and partnered sex. There are so many possibilities to explore. And to give you such amazing versatility, manufacturers have designed an array of dildos that have really cool features.

You’ll easily find realistic eight-inch dildos, probes designed especially for G-spot and prostate stimulation, vibrating dildos, hollow and even ejaculating ones. Many skin tones are represented and you’ll also discover dildos in various fun, bright and exciting colors.

Because an eight-inch dildo is on the bigger side of things, make sure that the material you’re choosing is the right one. Such pieces should have some yield (and a tapered tip) to be manageable. Medical-grade silicone is the gold standard, regardless of a dildo’s size. Those who seek an item with flesh-like qualities should pursue safe thermoplastics like TPR and TPE. Dual density and triple density construction add another dimension to the dildo’s realistic feel.

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