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10 & 11 Inch Dildos

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Bigger Is Better with 10 & 11 Inch Dildos

Size does matter and if you’re looking for intensity, choose dildos in the 10 and 11-inch range. Such a massive toy hits all the right spots. It’s the perfect pick for people who already have enough experience with standard dildos and are looking for something even more thrilling.

Realistic and detailed or streamlined and modern – it doesn’t matter! Both choices have their merits and will give you the best orgasms of a lifetime. A good design is characterized by the right thickness and the right curve. These are the two biggest essentials you need to pay attention to if you want to have your pleasure guaranteed.

A slightly curved big dildo is ideal for P-spot and G-spot stimulation. A straight design that’s flexible enough delivers a ton of versatility when it comes to the position the dildo is being used in.

Adding 10 and 11-inch dildos to your collection gives you the chance to explore new facets of pleasure and learn a lot more about your sexuality. Versatile and filling, these toys are the ultimate erotic add-on to test on your own or with a partner. Just make sure you’re getting the right material to match your experience level. A firmer big dildo is not for those who have very little experience. If you’re just getting used to girthier and lengthier options, pick a material that has some yield. Medical-grade silicone is always a safe bet. The same applies to the materials that are meant to replicate human flesh realistically. TPE and TPR feel good and give you that awesome realism you may crave as an additional turn-on.

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