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7 Inch Dildos

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A Seven-Inch Dildo Delivers Realism (And Beyond)

Seven-inch dildos are somewhat bigger than the average erect penis and that’s where their beauty is hidden. Do you feel curious about what an endowed lover would feel like? A seven-inch dildo will give you that experience. You can pleasure yourself or pleasure a significant other. The size is still versatile and manageable enough to enable so many sex scenarios.

With this dildo, you’ll get realism and the added bonus of extra length. This kind of probe is also girthier than its smaller counterparts (obviously, there will be some exceptions to the rule). You’ll get to explore some delicious stretch without going into extra-large territory.

Do check out multiple designs before pinpointing the one dildo you’d like to buy.

Very realistic and naturally textured is an obvious choice for many people. Not only is the appearance of such dildos a massive turn-on, the texture also increases the pleasure experienced during penetration.

Seven-inch dildos can also be streamlined, curved, vibrating, hollow, ejaculating and so much more. Some of the cool features to consider before buying include a sturdy suction cup, a pair of realistic balls at the base of the toy (these look anatomically correct and they also make the dildo safe to use during anal sex), harness compatibility and double density construction. The last feature will give you the most realism out of all the designs and materials on the market.

Speaking of materials, there are two very prominent choices in the world of seven-inch dildos. Medical-grade silicone is a premium material that’s super safe, very hygienic and incredibly long-lived. TPR and TPE are thermoplastics that feel almost like human flesh. They’re employed for the crafting of the most anatomically-correct seven-inch dildos.

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