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Tongue Vibrators

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The Perfect Naughty Oral Action with a Tongue Vibrator

Raise your hand if you love oral sex! If you do, you really need to get a tongue vibrator. It never gets tired and its super-fast movements will get you coming in no time.

Tongue vibes give you a fun alternative to the traditional vibrator. In fact, they can be used alongside a G-spot stimulator or an anal toy for an even more encompassing and thrilling experience.

Good tongue vibes have a soft and flexible tongue-like tip that can flicker really quickly and rhythmically. Some combine the tongue action with gentle suction to stimulate your clit even better.

While a tongue vibrator is mainly used for clitoral stimulation, it can help you explore foreplay and your body’s most sensitive areas. The range of applications is limitless. A tongue vibe can go anywhere a real tongue will and it’s going to do an amazing job.

Good tongue vibes are made of bodysafe materials and they’re powered by a strong motor. Luckily, all of the AdultSexToys offerings share these characteristics.

Check out the range of vibration and pulsation settings to make sure you’re getting enough variety. You also want a tongue vibe with a long-lasting battery. A low battery indicator is another cool feature that will come in handy with frequent use.

You’ll also need to pay attention to the controller type and the maintenance/cleaning instructions. A toy that’s waterproof is super easy to clean and as a bonus, it can be used in the bathroom, the swimming pool or anywhere else you enjoy getting wet.

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