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Monster Dildos

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Tame a Sex Beast with a Monster Dildo

Monster dildos comprise a broad category that consists of so many different designs. They enable fantasy play while being much more stimulating than anatomically correct dildos.

Check out our monster dildo range – we have so much to offer! From multi-colored silicone toys to mythical creature-inspired pieces and extra-large monster cocks, we have you covered!

A Monster Dildo Intensifies Sexual Experiences

Monster dildos are true to their name, both figuratively and literally. The designs are inspired by mythical beasts and the monsters portrayed in film and other works of art. At the same time, monster dildos are more prominent than their anatomically correct counterparts. They produce added intensity and kinds of stimulation you couldn’t achieve with another penetrative toy.

While the visuals here are stunning, the appearance of a monster dildo isn’t the only element to be paying attention to when shopping. Always check the dimensions to make sure the monster dildo matches your experience level.

Also, select the kind of texture and shape that will be most pleasurable for the type of insertion you have in mind. More pronounced texture is fantastic for vaginal penetration, while streamlined designs will take your backdoor sessions to a new orgasmic dimension.

Most monster dildos are made from medical-grade silicone that allows easy cleaning and sterilization in boiling water. Alternatives do exist, however. You can find flesh-like monster dildos crafted from body-safe thermoplastics or stiff glass dildos created to impress with their fine details, coldness, and heft.

A monster dildo is an excellent addition to your sex toy collection, whether you possess “normal” adult items or you’re looking to build a fantasy erotic world. Fun to use for self-pleasure and even more exciting to incorporate into partnered play, monster dildos challenge notions of what penetrative fun looks and feels like.

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