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Glass Butt Plugs

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A New Kind of Anal Exploration with a Glass Butt Plug

A glass butt plug is a whole new ball game. Even if you have used a regular butt plug before, you wouldn’t be prepared for the sensations that a glass toy creates.

There are several reasons why glass is such a popular material for the creation of anal toys.

The first benefit is related to the experience. Glass adds both sleekness and heft to anal toys. On top of feeling the stretch, you’ll also sense the weight of the item once it is in place. That heft will serve as a reminder the butt plus is inside you, especially if you use it for longer periods of time. It will also give you pleasurable tingles and lots of arousal.

With a glass butt plug, you can also play with temperature as a way to enhance the sensory experience. Glass can be heated or cooled down, giving you yet another dimension of pleasure you wouldn’t have known with a sex toy made of another material.

A glass butt plug is also incredibly practical as far as maintenance and cleaning are concerned.

High quality sex toys are made of borosilicate glass – a material that is crack and shatter-proof. The glass is also hypoallergenic and non-porous. It can be sterilized, it can be used with all kinds of lube without sustaining damage. Glass also delivers an exceptional return on investment because this kind of butt plug is likely to outlive you.

Glass butt plugs are a great choice for both beginners and more experienced anal players. You’ll simply need to pick a variety that’s has the correct size. Check the girth of the plug at its widest point. This is the one dimension that will determine just how manageable the butt plug is.

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