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Let’s Get Back to Basics with High Quality Dildos

In a world full of hi-tech and very complex sex toys, dildos still remain a favorite and highly demanded item. There are several reasons why the modest dildo has won hearts and minds across the globe. The fact that it offers so much versatility is probably the dildo’s biggest strength.

The term dildo refers to so many different products. You’ll find realistic, perfectly sculpted probes that look and feel just like an erect penis. Alternatively, you can opt for modern and streamlined dildos that are ideal for newbies and that increase pleasure during certain kinds of sex.

Dildos can be sized for convenience. A 6-inch dildo is a must-have. It will appeal to newbies and it will also work for more experienced users who don’t enjoy the stretch that massive probes deliver. Speaking of which, 10 and 11-inch dildos are also a thing. If you’d like to test your limits or you’re already bored of realistically sized probes, these next level items would be worth taking on.

There is so much more that dildos can offer.

Suction cup dildos allow hands-free use and they’re incredibly fun to try in the shower. Ejaculating dildos give you the added (visual) benefit of a big finish. Hollow dildos are a must-use item if you’re looking for some sexual enhancement or you’re combating a problem like erectile dysfunction.

Material-wise, seek bodysafe and easy to sanitize options. Medical-grade silicone is the ultimate sex toy material that is very hygienic, smooth and long-lived. Thermoplastics like cyberskin deliver the most realistic experience and they’re also easy to clean (as long as you follow a few simple manufacturer recommendations).

Rigid alternatives like glass have gotten some people curious, as well. The heft and lack of flexibility ensure a brand new experience. Glass is also super cool because of the fact it enables temperature play.

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