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Egg Vibrators

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Take the Pleasure Anywhere You Go with an Egg Vibrator

Egg vibrators are compact, powerful little gadgets. They’re the most ideal travel companion that has a discreet appearance and a whole lot of drive underneath that “shell.”

Vibrating eggs are super versatile on top of being some of the most portable vibes on the market.

The right size can be used for vaginal or anal sex. They’re perfect for solo experiences or partnered sex. Most egg vibes come with a wireless remote, which means they’re ideal for public or outdoor use. No one but you and your partner will know what’s going on.

An egg vibrator can be used for both internal and external stimulation. Placing it against erogenous zones will produce the most awakening kind of arousal that will lead to a spectacular finish.  A vibrating egg can even be incorporated into oral play (just use your imagination) to give your partner a truly outstanding experience.

Egg vibrators can feature rechargeable batteries, dedicated app controls and a chance to customize the vibration patterns. Some of these toys are really high tech, giving you tons of versatility and a chance to personalize the vibrations to match your mood and needs.

Some egg vibrators also come with an external stimulation “tail” that’s meant to go over the clit. The design is really clever and it leads to more intensity. Using both parts of the vibrator at the same time produces the most certain opportunities to enjoy a blended, full-body orgasm.

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