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Wax Play Candles

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Raise the Temperature with a Wax Play Candle

Wax play candles have long been an important part of BDSM experiences. Delivering a safe and very sensory experience, these candles are now making their way to more bedrooms that ever before.

Wax play gives you one of the simplest opportunities to try something new in the bedroom. The heat generated by the melted wax can be slightly painful and very pleasurable at the same time. This is the perfect way to test out light BDSM and determine if it’s something you’d like to dive in.

Candles for temperature play are especially formulated and you should never substitute those for regular candles.

Dripping the wax onto the skin feels really good because of the warmth and the actual sensation of the liquid spreading. Many wax play candles are made with massage oils. This means that when you’re done with temperature play, you can give your partner the most erotic massage ever.

Our range of wax play candles includes drip candles in various colors, scented candles and drip candles that can also be used for erotic massages. Usually made of paraffin, these candles have a low melting point and the wax can’t get incredibly hot. When used correctly, specialized wax play candles pose no risk of burns (safety first – always use the right product according to manufacturer recommendations!).

One of the easiest things you can do the first time around is get wax play candles in various colors. Using your partner’s body as a canvas will be a tremendously intimate experience that will allow you to connect on a different level.

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