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Female Chastity Belts

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The Ultimate Form of Control with a Female Chastity Belt

Orgasm denial is the ultimate form of control that can result in a super bonding dominant-submissive experience. To achieve it, you can count on a simple but highly effective contraption like the female chastity belt.

Chastity belts are often incorporated in kink play and BDSM experiences. They’re used to keep the genitals inaccessible, making sexual gratification impossible altogether. The dominant party is the one who decides when the chastity belt would be taken off and whether their sub will get to experience an orgasm when that happens.

Modern chastity belts have nothing to do with the specimens available in museums. These BDSM accessories are created for convenience, comfort and safe use.

Chastity devices for women are typically designed as panties or belts that cover the genital area. The belt is locked in place and the dominant is the one who gets to retain the key. A chastity belt will typically be made of leather, faux leather or even stainless steel. The material and the amount of padding used will determine how comfortable the chastity belt is going to be.

A chastity belt can be used on its own as an obedience accessory or it can be incorporated in more thorough BDSM sessions. In some instances, such devices will be used alongside cuffs, gags and nipple clamps. Even if you don’t enjoy those things, you can still explore the chastity belt and the way in which it makes you give up all control of your sexual autonomy.

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