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Water Based Lubes

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The Smoothest Lightweight Glide with a Water-Based Lube

Slippery without being sticky or too thick, the water-based lube is a favorite for many sex connoisseurs. On top of doing a great job, water-based lube is also compatible with all sex toy and condom materials. These features make it the most versatile lube out of all options.

At AdultSexToys, you’ll discover a good range of high quality water-based lubes. Lacking additives, fillers and harmful ingredients, these give you nothing but the finest sensation during sex.

Water-based lubes can be formulated for specific uses and this is something to keep in mind when buying. Botanicals and natural extracts can increase the longevity of the lube or serve a special purpose (relaxing, warming, cooling, etc.).

It’s a good idea to stay away from formulas that contain glycerin, parabens or sugar. Remember that lube is meant to be used on some of the body’s most sensitive bits. That’s why you want a clean and minimalist formula, bound not to cause any irritation.

There are also scented and edible water-based lubes. If you intend to lick any amount from your partner’s body, an edible water-based lube will be such a fun choice. The range of flavors is so inventive – you’ll easily discover your favorite beverages and desserts there.

Water-based lube tends to be a bit thinner than silicone lubricants. That’s why some people may be hesitant about using such lube during anal sex. Keep in mind special formulations for anal experiences do exist. These water-based lubes are slightly thicker and they last longer. And if you’re not finding exactly what you want, you can always choose a hybrid formula. These lubes combine the features of water-based and silicone-based formulas, guaranteeing longevity and compatibility with all sex toy materials.

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