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Masturbation Sleeves

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Hit It Extra Hard with a Masturbation Sleeve

If you enjoy variety, deep stimulation and a delicious squeeze felt with every thrust, a masturbation sleeve would be a great choice for you. These practical, compact and inconspicuous little gadgets make solo fun a lot more exciting. Additionally, they’re amazing travel buddies you can easily through in your luggage and enjoy everywhere.

A masturbation sleeve is usually made of a flesh-like material like a bodysafe thermoplastic. Inner texture and some suction (that you can usually control) deliver a lot more intensity and pleasure than what you’d be capable of enjoying by just using your hand.

There are various types of masturbation sleeves on the market. Each one is meant to replicate a certain kind of sex – vaginal, anal or oral.

Masturbation sleeves also have a number of additional features that determine their usability and ease of maintenance.

First, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to get a sleeve that has a case. Many people believe that the case makes the masturbator easier to hold and it also guarantees some discreteness 

You’ll also need to choose between open-ended and closed sleeves. A closed one is more convenient in terms of usage (there’s no spillage) while the open masturbator is a lot easier to clean. Open designs are also a great choice for bigger penises. As usual, you should be checking the size of the masturbation sleeve, including the inner diameter and length.

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