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The Real Grand Finish with Cum Lube

Cum lube does a lot more than just deliver consistent and arousing lubrication during passionate sexual experiences. It can be used in many kinds of play, adding realism and something extra to every intimate endeavor.

You may be wondering about just how realistic cum lube gets.

The answer is “very!” Obviously, the effectiveness, appearance and realism of the product all depend on its quality. Reputable brands, however, have managed to come up with some pretty convincing options. The color, the texture and sometimes even the scent resemble actual ejaculate to get you fully invested in the fantasy.

Good cum lube is ideal for all kinds of sex. It can also be used with hollow strap-ons or ejaculating dildos to give those options some more anatomical functionality. Cum lube can be incorporated in all other kinds of solo or partnered play, whether these include the use of additional adult toys or not.

While cum lube isn’t as prominent as regular lubricants and is considered more of a niche product, you still have a number of good choices to pick among. When looking for cum lube, make sure that the option in question is free from glycerin, parabens and petroleum derivatives. This is especially important for people who have skin sensitivities and would like to avoid unnecessary chemicals in their personal care products. The good news is that the AsultSexToys cum lube offerings tick all boxes.

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