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Sex Benches

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More Comfort, Better Sex with a Sex Bench

A sex bench is one of the most versatile pieces of erotic furniture. While it’s deemed a BDSM staple, the sex bench can work wonderfully well for everyone. It’s an especially amazing choice for people who have physical limitations but would still want to enjoy an active and satisfying sex life.

Sex benches are not created equal.

There are the clean and minimalist pieces aimed at helping people get into certain sexual positions. Some sex benches can also feature cuffs and restraints – a great choice for BDSM practitioners. Sex benches can also be portable and easy to assemble/disassemble or they can come in with a built-in probe or a sex machine extension.

You’ll need to look at a few things before buying a sex bench.

The first one is the slope and the body positioning that the bench will enable. These will determine the viable sex positions that the bench would be good for. Looking at the shape and the angles will also help you figure out how easy the bench will be to use (especially if you have some physical limitations).

Also, does the bench allow for the immobilization of one partner? Is it possible to get them in a certain position, having the legs or the arms spread in a particular way? Such features that allow effortless access to a partner’s body will always be a massive turn-on for some couples.

Finally, don’t forget to look at the materials, the ease of assembly and the size of the bench. If you don’t have an awful lot of space in your bedroom, a portable and compact design is going to be the best choice. People who can dedicate an entire room to their sex adventures will benefit from a solid construction that makes the bench both sturdier and more comfortable.

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