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Give More with a Penis Extender

A penis extender (also called a penis sleeve) is a simple contraption and that simplicity determines its brilliance. Its functioning is fault-proof and the result will be obvious every single time you put the sleeve on.

Penis sleeves can give you more length or more girth (or both). As the name suggests, you put it on the penis like a sleeve that envelops the organ and maximizes its dimensions.

Some penis extenders also have the design of a cage. When they’re on and you get an erection, blood will be trapped inside the penis. As a result, you’ll get to enjoy a bigger erection that can be sustained for a longer period of time.

Penis extenders are a great choice for all guys. Some get a confidence boost from the knowledge they’ll be better capable of pleasing a partner. Others will simply be looking for something new during sex. A penis extender can accomplish all those goals and then some more.

The right penis extender is easy to put on and it feels comfortable. The first thing you have to decide is whether you’ll get a sleeve made from a flexible material like silicone or an item that’s rigid (cages are typically made of plastics).

Penis extenders can also have external texture that will feel very stimulating during penetration. There are lots of choices – just go through our product catalog to explore the range of possibilities and discover the design that seems most enticing.

Finally, don’t forget to always look at dimensions before buying. This is especially important for penis extenders made of rigid materials (silicone ones will be stretchy and they’ll be easier to put on regardless of your penis size).

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