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Open Cup Lingerie

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Break the Norms with Open Cup Lingerie

Open cup lingerie does exactly what the name suggests – it reveal everything for the most rebellious and liberating experience ever.

We are used to getting many body parts exposed but when it comes to the boobs, lingerie designs haven’t changed all that much through the decades.

That’s one of the reasons why open cup lingerie is considered so revolutionary and thrilling. The purpose of these pieces is to frame and perk up the breasts without offering much coverage (or any at all). Open cup bras, teddies and babydolls all leave the nipple (partially) exposed. They serve as the beautiful highlight directing attention right where it needs to be – on your body.

Open cup lingerie is perfect for everyone – from ladies that have small and perky boobs to those blessed with more curvaceous bodies. All you need to rock this kind of lingerie is a bit of confidence and the right fit. By following a manufacturer’s size chart, you’ll make sure that the piece you’re getting is just perfect for your body.

While many people haven’t tried open cup lingerie, those who have experimented with it report to be in love. Open cup bras and other lingerie pieces are super sexy, comfortable and freeing. Most people report such pieces being a lot less restrictive than regular bras. They’re fun both for the wearer and their lover – a win-win situation for everyone involved!

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