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Flavored Lubes

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Discover the Taste of Passion with a Flavored Lube

Flavored lube is such a fun and practical personal care product. It tastes amazing and it makes oral sex so much more enjoyable for both parties involved. It’s an absolute must-have if you want to go down on your partner often while enjoying the scent and taste of your favorite desert.

Many companies make flavored lubes and you’ll be surprised by the extensive range of choices. Chocolate, vanilla and strawberries are just a few of the basic staples but you’ll also come across more complicated flavors – pina colada, chocolate chip cookies, mojito and cotton candy are just a few of the finger-licking options.

High quality flavored and edible lubes are very enjoyable while also having a pH and a composition meant to offer the gentlest experience. When looking at such products, make sure they’re free from sugar and glycerin. Many companies rely on natural sweeteners like stevia to deliver an amazing taste without impacting the microbiome of the body’s most sensitive bits.

Flavored lube works just like regular lubricant with the added benefit of having a great scent and being yummy. And while it’s mainly considered for foreplay and oral sex experienced, flavored lube can be incorporated in any other part of your sex routine, as well.

Depending on your preferences, you can also find flavored lube that has a completely vegan and cruelty-free formula. Products free from parabens and silicones also exist for a lightweight yet slippery enough feel.

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