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Schoolgirl Costumes

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Let’s Get Naughty with a Schoolgirl Costume

This fantasy needs no explanation and a schoolgirl costume gives you so many opportunities to get deliciously punished for being naughty.

The power dynamics of a teacher-student scenario are incredibly hot. Playing out this turn on is easier than ever before with realistic, high quality and super sexy costumes.

Our range gives you the classic Catholic schoolgirl ensemble, as well as numerous other variations. You can turn yourself into the sexy nerd, the popular cheerleader, the athletic student or the naughty tease. Plus-sized versions of most costumes are also available.

You will enjoy high quality, comfortable sexy lingerie or a mini-dress and lingerie set made of soft and body-hugging fabrics. Some of the costume kits may also feature accessories like glasses or a school uniform tie to make the vision completely believable.

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