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Pocket Pussies

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Make Your Solo Sessions Sexier with a Pocket Pussy

Do you feel that your solo sessions are simply lacking in intensity and excitement? If so, the time has come to shake things up with a pocket pussy.

Pocket pussies are some of the simplest and most brilliant male sex toys. They’re designed with a tight opening and some internal texture for added stimulation. The construction of the sleeve also creates a bit of suction that will get you coming in no time.

Most pocket pussies are made from soft and responsive thermoplastics. These materials come as close to human flesh as possible. The added features make the experience even better.

With pocket pussies, you can enjoy variety. The easiest thing you can do is choose a few models that have different internal textures. You’ll also find pocket pussies designed after the delicious lady bits of popular adult actresses. Living the fantasy and making it a part of your reality has never been easier.

Apart from these essential bits, you’ll need to explore a few other elements before buying a pocket pussy. If you travel a lot, get a pocket pussy that has a case. It will look for inconspicuous and it will be much easier to transport this way.

Finally, you’ll need to make a choice between open and close-ended designs. Closed designs will make less of a mess when you get down to business. The open design allows more usage flexibility and this type of pocket pussy can accommodate even the biggest of guys.

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