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Wand Vibrators

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All the Power in Your Hands with a Wand Vibrator

Nothing on the market compares to the power of a wand vibrator. If you’re seeking an item that will rock you to your core, look no further.

The history of wand vibrators goes back to the 1960s and 70s when the first iconic wand became a symbol of the feminist movement. While originally marketed as massaging devices, these wands quickly became known for their pleasure inducing potential.

Incredibly easy to use on any part of the body, a wand vibrator is unisex and incredibly versatile. You can give yourself or your lover a relaxing massage. And if you’re in the mood, you can get the wand to those sensitive bits and erogenous zones. The result will be deeply satisfying every single time.

Original wand vibrators were corded and quite big. You can still find such powerful orgasmic tools on the market today. But wand vibes have got a lot more to offer design-wise. You’ll find petite and portable wand vibrators that are perfect travel companions. The small size doesn’t compromise with intensity and you’ll still get the kind of stimulation expected from such a vibrator.

Wand vibes powered by li-ion rechargeable batteries are also available. Getting rid of the cord increases the number of places that the wand can be used in.

And there’s one final great feature that makes wand vibes so fun. Many brands have started making attachments for want vibrators that enable specific uses. There are even attachments for internal stimulation. If you want to have the most mind-blowing G-spot or prostate orgasm, such an attachment will be the one to try.

One general things to keep in mind is that most wand vibes, especially corded ones aren’t waterproof. Some of the compact models powered by rechargeable batteries could be suitable for use in water but do double check before trying.

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