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Male Chastity Devices

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A New Level of Dominance with a Male Chastity Device

Male chastity devices usually come in the form of penis cages that keep the wearer from experiencing any kind of sexual gratification. They are popular because they provide yet another aspect in which a dominant partner can exercise control.

The aim of a chastity device is to keep a partner from experiencing sexual pleasure. When a device is made of a hard material like plastic or metal, it also makes erections painful or impossible to achieve altogether. With a chastity device, a submissive is giving up all kinds of control for an experience that will be so tremendously liberating.

The design of chastity devices is very simple – there’s a tube or a sleeve that goes over the penis and that’s locked in a place. Only the dominant party had the power and the tools needed to take the device off.

A chastity device can be worn as a part of sexual play or it can even be used for prolonged periods of time in public. If you’re a newbie to this exciting world, do start small. Simpler designs and softer construction will be better for first timers. Those who have more experience can opt for stainless steel chastity cages that are probably considered the most restrictive option for guys.

At AdultSexToys, you’ll discover an extensive selection of high quality male chastity devices. All of our products are constructed from bodysafe materials that are easy to sanitize and clean thoroughly. We also offer additional accessories and parts that allow for the customization of the experience.