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Garter Lingerie

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Work That Sexy Body with Garter Lingerie

Adding garters to lingerie always amps up the sex appeal. There’s just something tremendously enticing in garters and you’ll feel the effect as soon as you put a pair on.

Garter lingerie is regular sexy lingerie that comes with built-in garters.

This category encompasses lots of options – garter belts, sexy dresses with built-in garters, teddies, bodystockings (these will feature cutouts in the shape of faux garters that attach to the lower part of the bodystocking), corsets and others.

Opting for garter lingerie instead of separate pieces gives you consistency and a chance to put on just one item instead of few.  You’ll also enjoy the beautiful effects that garters deliver by keeping stockings in place and making the legs look longer. 

Even if you prefer comfy, functional lingerie, a pair of garter lingerie is a must-have for those special moments. Everyone who has ever put such lingerie on recognizes its transformative power. The items you put on your body can bring out that sexy beast and boost your confidence. If you feel empowered and aroused, chances are that every encounter with a skilled lover will be super satisfying.

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