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Large Butt Plugs

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Next-Level Anal Training with a Large Butt Plug

Anal training can have many stages. Most people start with regular anal beads and butt plugs. Those who are super curious and really into the experience will eventually move on to large butt plugs.

A large butt plug stretches the anal opening a lot more than its regular counterpart. Large butt plugs also tend to be heavier. The stretch, combined with the additional heft, produces intense experiences that are very pleasurable. Some people have even managed to achieve body rocking anal orgasms when incorporating large plugs into sex or foreplay sessions.

Targeting the prostate is a lot easier with a large butt plug. It can also contribute to better G-spot stimulation, especially if the plug is inserted while you’re having vaginal sex.

Typically, large butt plugs are made from materials like medical-grade silicone. Alternatives like PVC, glass and stainless steel also exist.

When looking for a large butt plug, you’ll also need to pay attention to the design and functionalities.

Inflatable butt plugs deliver that stretch while also giving you full control over the intensity of the experience. There are also weighted large butt plugs. The heft can be felt when you move and the plug is inside. Anyone who has ever used such a large plug describes it as incredibly pleasurable and arousing.

At AdultSexToys, you’ll also find hollow large butt plugs, vibrating plugs, prostate stimulators, expanding anal probes and complete training kits.

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