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Squirting Dildos

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More Than Visual Realism with Squirting Dildos

Out of all realistic probes, squirting dildos deliver the most.

The design of squirting dildos allows them to “ejaculate” whenever the shaft or a bulb get squeezed. Some may also have a syringe-based mechanism. Squirting dildos work with cum lube to produce the most satisfying finish ever.

Squirting dildos can be fun to use during solo play or partnered sessions. They’re a wonderful enhancement for couples dealing with certain sexual dysfunction. For others, squirting dildos can be exciting erotic props that simply make sex hotter.

Many squirting dildos are very realistic and detailed in their finishing to deliver the ultimate fantasy. Some are meant to be used as handheld probes. Others are harness-compatible and ideal for partnered play. Some squirting dildos are also hollow, which means they can be worn by a man and used for sexual enhancement.

When buying a squirting dildo, make sure that the design is right and the squirting mechanism is easy to trigger. The simpler the function is to trigger, the better. A squirting dildo should also be easy to clean thoroughly.

High quality squirting dildos are made of materials like silicone and bodysafe thermoplastics. These materials are flexible and very flesh-like. They also make it easier to incorporate a reservoir for the lube in the design without compromising the texture or flexibility of the material.

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