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Cyberskin Dildos

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Strive for More (Realism) with a Cyberskin Dildo

Touching a cyberskin dildo for the first time feels unreal. That’s because the material resembles human flesh beyond what most would consider synthetically possible.

A kind of bodysafe thermoplastic, cyberskin delivers the ultimate experience in terms of enhanced realism. When fine details and anatomical correctness are combined with this quality material, the result is absolute and orgasmic magic.

Soft to the touch, very elastic and capable of retaining warmth, cyberskin can be used for the creation of all kinds of dildos. Whether you’re looking for something manageable and versatile in size (like a 6-inch dildo) or an absolutely delicious and girthy monster, you’ll be wowed by the material.

When looking for something even more impressive, seek dual density cyberskin dildos. Equipped with a firm inner core and a soft exterior, these are the cocks most reminiscent of an actual erect penis. Luckily, the technology is popular enough to be adopted by numerous manufacturers interested in giving their clients the ultimate sexual experience.

Now that you’ve made a choice about the material that your dildo’s made of, check out a few other features that will play a role in your pleasure. A suction cup base is always a nice thing to have. A hefty pair of balls will add to the realism and also ensure a safe experience if you decide to try anal. Some cyberskin dildos will be harness compatible, some will even vibrate or thrust.

Cyberskin dildos are a great choice for all kinds of sex and they can be enjoyed during both solo and partnered experiences. Just pay attention to the use and care instructions and if you do, you’ll have your brand new realistic dildo for a very long time.

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