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Make It Wet and Better with Lube

Good sex is slippery and natural. It feels right, it feels wet. Get that feeling with the right lube. Luckily, you have tons of great options to choose among.

High quality lubes rely on bodysafe ingredients that give you the perfect glide without a sense of stickiness. They’re also free from fillers or questionable ingredients like parabens, glycerin and petroleum derivatives.

You can choose the right kind of lube depending on the sex you intend to have.

Water-based lube is ideal for all kinds of sex (although you may have to reapply frequently during anal sex or more intense sessions). As an added bonus, it’s compatible with all sex toys and condom materials.

To enjoy the perfect wetness during prolonged sessions or anal sex, you may want to try a good silicone formulation. While it’s not compatible with silicone sex toys, this kind of lube is silky smooth and a single application lasts a very long time.

If you want to get the benefits of both worlds, opt for hybrid lube. It gives you the lightweight texture of water-based lube and the longevity of silicone lube. Most hybrid lubricants are compatible with all sex toys but do check manufacturer specifications to be on the safe side.

At AdultSexToys, you’ll also find specialized kinds of lube. Edible lube is a lot of fun and it does make oral sex better. Heating and cooling lubes will give you brand new sensations that are easily going to intensify your pleasure.

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