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Men's Chest Harnesses

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Explore Bondage and More with Men’s Chest Harnesses

The chest harness has pretty much become the quintessential piece of gay attire but it is also very popular in the BDSM community. Super versatile and looking really hot, the men’s chest harness is something to try if you’d like to start getting out of your comfort zone and exploring.

A chest harness highlights the firmness of the chest and looks really sexy. Made of leather and black in color, it originated as a piece of BDSM gear. Today, men’s chest harnesses have lots of additional uses.

Some people like to use a harness for the striking visual. Others also enjoy the functional aspects of having a harness to grab on to during sex.

There are lots of options and many different designs. Starting with the classic leather, BDSM-inspired harness and moving on to chain harnesses, bulldog harnesses, asymmetrical harnesses and even mesh harness pieces, the options and the aesthetics are so many.

Harnesses usually feature some kind of metal hardware. That’s why you have to pick the right piece – one that has the right placement of pads and metal. It’s also a good idea to seek a product that features stainless steel hardware. Hypoallergenic and very easy to clean, the material is also exceptionally long-lived.

And if a chest harness doesn’t take things far enough for you, there are always full-body harnesses for men you can explore. A lot more impactful in appearance, these are the ideal piece of BDSM gear and another simple way to bring novelty into the bedroom.

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