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Nipple Suckers

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Maximum Stimulation Intensity with Nipple Suckers

Super cute and compact, nipple suckers can deliver such intensity to foreplay that you’ll wonder how you’ve ever gone without them in the past.

Minimalist and incredibly travel-friendly, nipple suckers are small pumps or vacuums that can be used on the nipples or any other sensitive body part. The suction stimulates blood flow, making the experience very pleasurable and increasing sensitivity in the area.

Nipple suckers are so easy to use that even first-timers will do an amazing job with them. All you have to do is squeeze the bulb, place the sucker over the nipple and release. Nipple suckers should only be used for a few minutes at a time to do their magic.

A nipple sucker offers a different experience from what nipple clamps deliver. People describe the sensation as having their nipples pulled (gently or more forcefully, depending on the amount of suction). Clamps deliver more of a pinching sensation and some people could find them somewhat intimidating in the beginning (although modern varieties are very easy to use).

You’ll find various types of nipple suckers on the market. Basic squeeze suction products are great for beginners. There are also nipple suckers with adjustable vacuum for more experienced users. You can also test out vibrating suckers, textured suckers for added stimulation, automatic suction pumps and nipple/clit suction sets.

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