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Dual Density Dildos

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Unimaginable Realism with Dual Density Dildos

Anyone who has realism as their top priority when buying sex toys should try a dual density dildo.

Dual density dildos are the ones that texturally and in terms of firmness resemble the erect penis much more closely than other kinds of sex toys.

Silicone and thermoplastics are the two kinds of materials most often used to craft dual-density dildos. The construction itself is simple, yet brilliant. A firm inner core is surrounded by the soft and flesh-like external wrap. These dildos are usually anatomically-correct and they come with lots of fine details like a protruding head and intricate veins going down the shaft. Not only do these contribute to more pleasure, the texturing also holds lubricant better and produces a more satisfying experience overall.

Dual density dildos are incredible for everyone. They’re especially suitable for individuals who may find regular dildos a bit stiff and uncomfortable. 

You’ll find dual density dildos in various sizes and shapes. There will be 6-inch dildos and more impressive 10-inch dildos. Some dual density dildos have a sturdy suction cup base, some are compatible with harnesses. Some of them are especially designed for anal stimulation, others are curved to hit the G-spot better.

When looking for a dual density dildo, you may want to obtain some information about the amount of “squish” it provides. Thermoplastics are generally squishier than silicone toys. There will be more give and flexibility, which makes such items exceptional for beginners and gentle players.

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